Harker Heights: Monarch butterfly initiative gives families safe Mother's Day activities

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HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) Dozens of families in Harker Heights will have something to chase after this Mother's Day weekend. It just won't be the classic card.

Residents took to their sidewalks as part of the #HarkerHeightsChalkChallenge (Courtesy Photo)

To give mothers a special memory while also bringing awareness to the monarch butterfly, the city is using its Stop By Monarch Initiative to create fun games and activities for families to enjoy.

"We're drawing attention to the dwindling numbers of monarch in general," said Children's Librarian Amanda Hairston.

"They take that 3,000 mile journey to Mexico and on the way back, they're stopping by this area."

The city created special butterfly scavenger hunts, geocaching and even a butterfly chalk challenge.

"You make a huge chalk butterfly, lay down in it and you take a picture," she said.

"It's like you’re the butterfly. The scavenger hunt has been a huge hit, too. Everybody has butterflies everywhere to hunt for."

As Central Texas continues to reopen, not everyone is keen on going out for Mother's Day. Hairston says the monarch initiative is a unique and virtual way to give mothers and their families a safe way to celebrate.

"We can't do something in a huge group," she said.

"However, we can get in our car, we can butterfly hunt, do a cute chalk challenge, we can make some crafts and presents for Mom and we can have a great weekend even if we can't all go out and celebrate at a restaurant."