Harker Heights: Some residents suspect rise in drive-by shootings

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) Some residents of Harker Heights say they're startled by what they're hearing at night.

(Photo by Chelsea Edwards)

They say they’re gunshots and are becoming increasingly common.

“I heard bam bam, bam, bam, bam- it was really loud, like it was in my front yard,” one resident, who asked not to be identified, said.

“I jumped up and called 9-1-1,” he says.

“I ran through the house checking on the kids to make sure nobody got hit.”

He says he saw a patrol car drive by that night, but it didn't stop.

Harker Heights police say the call was cleared because no evidence was found at the scene.

"I mean, what can we do to stop it?" the man asked.

As it turns out, it's a common problem in the area.

In 2018, responded to 90 calls about gunfire, but submitted only eight reports because of a lack of evidence in the other 82 cases.

So far this year, 47 calls about gunshots been received, but only one ended up with a report.

In May, Brandon Lockhart was arrested and charged after shots were fired through a home.

According to his arrest affidavit, he sent threatening messages to one of the residents after a fight.

Police say they found shell casings at the scene, but evidence hasn't turned up on other calls which also include cars backfiring and fireworks.

But the local resident who spoke with KWTX says police just aren't bothering to look.

"I mean, there was a 9mm bullet casing on the curb right next to our mailbox," he says.

He says he found more casings and turned them in to police, but was never given a case.

“I'm kind of scared to sit on the porch at night time. It's kind of scary,” he adds.

He hopes police do more investigating on similar calls before a bad situation gets any worse.