Harker Heights: Woman dedicates successful restaurant to father's memory

Wally RedElk holding a photo of her parents next to her father's hat. (Photo by Alex Gibbs)
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HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) For Wally RedElk, she always had fond memories of cooking in the kitchen with her father.

"When Dad baked, he always left a little extra in the bowl so you could lick a little bit more," she said.

Her father, Herbert, grew up in a family business as the head chef at the Hotel Schreiber in Germany. Due to damage on the building and the rezoning effects in the aftermath of World War II, the hotel was shut down.

After settling down with his wife, Frieda, they almost started a restaurant of their own, until they heard some unexpected news.

"Mom was actually pregnant with me!" RedElk said.

With another child on the way, there was no chance the family could afford a new business.

Her father later passed away in 1986, but his dream of owning a restaurant never died.

When Wally opened her own establishment in 2014, she dedicated it to her father in a special way.

"The only thing I wanted from my Dad when he passed away was his little hat," she said.

"Hat in Germany is H-U-T. And a little place like mine is a hut. So, we named it Opa's Schnitzel Hut."

Since opening, the restaurant has seen much success.

Wally's happy to honor her father fulfilling his dream.

"It's an emotional thing, you know?" she said.

"I know he'd be proud and it's really something special."