How to save money on your electricity bill this summer

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Central Texas, (KWTX) One Texas company known as Energy Ogre is working to find the best rate on your electricity.

The company will serve as an energy payment for a small $10 dollar fee per month.

COO of Energy Ogre Laura Thornquist says they have saved members anywhere from $800-$2,000 their first year.

Thornquist says they have found the majority of people are actually overpaying for their electricity because they don't take the time to research how much they are paying per kilowatt hour.

“In the electricity business loyalty doesn't necessarily pay, that's why you need to do a market analysis and a price check every single year to make sure you aren’t falling into sub optimal pricing, Thornquist said.

“Often the best prices are reserved for new customers so if you stay with your electricity provider year after year after year chances are your prices are going up, up and up.”

For example, a 2400 square foot home in Waco should not be paying more than $95 dollars a month in electricity.

Therefore, the biggest way you may save money on your electrical bill may be by canceling your current plan.

Of course there are also some quick and easy ways you can start doing now to save money.

Close your blinds to keep your house cool.
Instead of turning off your AC when you leave turn it up a couple degrees.
Make sure everything is unplugged or on surge protectors and replace bulbs with led ones.

For more information on how Energy Ogre can help save you money visit their website.