Belton: Accused killer writes a letter from jail

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) A Central Texas man charged with capital murder in the deaths of his former girlfriend and her longtime friend claims in a letter from jail that the infant his current girlfriend who’s also charged in the killings, delivered in June in jail has been made a pawn in the case.

Cedric Marks (left) and Maya Renee Maxwell. (Jail photos)

Cedric Marks, 45, is accused of killing Jenna Scott, 28, and her friend Michael Swearingin, 32, whose bodies were found on Jan. 15 in clandestine graves in rural Okfusee County, Okla.,

Marks’ current girlfriend, Maya Renee Maxwell, 26, who’s accused of helping abandon Swearingin’s vehicle in an effort to hide it from authorities, is also charged with capital murder.

In the letter sent to KWTX reporter Brandon Hamilton, Marks talks about wanting to prove he is the father of Maxwell's son in order to gain custody.

"Since giving birth, CPS took our child and placed him into foster care. Maya has no family support, but I do," Marks wrote.

His attorney, Michael White, is aware of Marks' desire.

"He told me he did have family members (willing to) having the child placed with them," White said.

On page four of the letter, Marks writes, "I am a family man first and foremost, so it is heart wrenching that our son has been here for a month and three weeks, yet I don't even know what he looks like."

A DNA test to determine whether or not Marks is the father is scheduled for Thursday, White said.

"My understanding is that the attorney general is having a representative sent over to collect a swab inside his check to compare it to the one they've taken from the child and mother," White said.

In the letter Marks claims prosecutors are using the child.

"Our son does not deserve to be a pawn...I do not want our son in this system," Marks wrote.

As far as what's next for the almost 2-month-old boy and Marks, his attorney says it is all about waiting on the DNA test.

"Either to exclude him as the father or he is the father. Then they'll have to determine his parental rights. I'll have to get his feedback on how he wants to challenge that and seek alternative placement with his parents in the meantime," White said.

A pretrial hearing has been set for Aug. 29 for Marks with another pretrial hearing the next day for Maxwell.

Calls for comment on the CPS case to the Bell County Attorney's Office were not returned Wednesday.