Killeen: Students re-enact parts of Vietnam War in stage play

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) A group of Central Texas middle school students are telling the story of those who fought in the Vietnam War.

Killeen ISD students are telling the story of those who fought in the Vietnam War.

For Dan Wise, who served from 1961-1967 in the Marine Corps, seeing the Vietnam War in the form of a stage play brought back memories.

“I lost a lot of friends in Vietnam. I have had family, personal family, been involved in every war the United States has been in since the Revolution,” he said.

Parts of the Vietnam War re-lived last week by students from Killeen ISD’s Rancier Middle School.

"I was very proud of them because of their acting and what they presented,” Wise said.

Wise, who spent time in Okinawa, Japan, gave the students money from Thailand. The money, he says, was given to him by a South Vietnamese soldier.

"After I saw this play, I just wanted to share it with these young people and for them to know it is reality what they were doing. For them it was a play, for me it was real,” he said.

A real moment happened for the students when they placed first in KISD’s Middle School One-Act play contest on Feb. 1.

Seeing the tears from the crowd and winning was surreal to the students.

"It's quite surreal. You still don't understand it fully. I still can't believe we got that reaction out of people,” said eighth-grader Kyra Mayer.

The students will perform “We All Fall Down” next Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Rancier Middle School.