Killeen: Food delivery app teams up with Operation Phantom Support

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Killeen’s nonprofit Operation Phantom Support is teaming up with a three-year-old California delivery company to help distribute food from its pantry to the 4,000 soldiers, veterans and first responders it serves.

(Photo by Alex Cano)

Operation Phantom Support announced their partnership with JoyRun Thursday morning.

Using JoyRun’s app, those the nonprofit serves may arrange for deliveries from Operation Phantom Support’s food pantry.

“Most of us are coming together to help each other, a lot of communities don’t have it and we blessed to have it,” JoyRun community manager Julia Erb said.

The partnership will also help free up time for volunteers.

“We average 400 to 500 people per day coming to the pantry, hopefully we can’t get those numbers down a little bit so it takes a little bit of pressure off my volunteers. But also helping as many people as we need too because now they can just have it delivered,” Operation Phantom Support, CEO, John Valentine said.

The app is available for android and iPhone users.

“JoyRun is a mobile app that rewards people for helping others in their community. We are a match with Phantom Support because the mission they have is aligned with the mission we have” founder Manish Rathi said.