Killeen: Homeless shelter marks 2nd anniversary

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) In just two years the friends in crisis homeless shelter in Killeen has helped hundreds of people find a job and a place to live.

(Photo by Sam DeLeon)

It’s also helped more than 5,000 people find a place to sleep.

Officials say the shelter reaches capacity every day and can house as many as 80 people a night.

Shyron Booth and her son are from Maryland.

They have been staying at the shelter for two months and she says everyone there is a loving and warm place to be.

The staff helped her find a job and a place to live.

"If you ask for the help they will definitely make sure that you get the help that you need. So you have to ask, and if you ask they will definitely get you on the right road," Boot said.

Terry Hanke is a veteran who fell on hard times when he was let go from his government job and went to the shelter for help.

He says the shelter is more than just a roof over his head; it’s a warm and caring environment and the employees and volunteers do everything they can to give them the help they need.

"Well it gives people hope. You fall on hard times you're usually down to a pretty low part in your life and when you have a place that you can come to that's not just, a roof over your head. You have people that you can sit down and talk to you," Hanke said.

Shelter officials say they are proud to offer help to those in need and now they need help themselves.

They’re looking for donations from cleaning supplies and paper products to new socks and underwear.