Killeen: Local performer 'bummed' by SXSW cancellation

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) JC Stringz of Killeen, who was invited to perform at Austin's South by Southwest festival says he's "bummed" about the decision to pull the plug on the event because of coronavirus concerns.

JC Stringz of Killeen, says he's "bummed" about the decision to pull the plug on the annual event because of coronavirus concerns. (Photo by Christy Soto)

Stringz has been playing guitar since he was 8, violin since he was 10 and piano since he was 12 and performs a range of gospel, blues R&B and pop.

He received his first invitation to the festival earlier this year, fulfilling his dream of performing on a big state.

"I was honestly kind of shocked and nervous," he said.

"I mean it was a whole cereal bowl off of feelings...mostly excited," Stringz said.

But excitement turned to disappointment with the announcement last week that the festival had been canceled.

"I'm bummed that they had to cancel the whole thing, I understand why they have to close it down, but it's better to be safe than sorry," Stringz said.

Stringz, who attends Temple College, says he's hoping he'll get an invitation to next year's festival.

"I want to play music and that's the main thing I want to do with my life," Stringz said.