Killeen: Pair of weekend fires under investigation

(Photo by Chelsea Edwards)

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Killeen firefighters are looking into the cause of two fires that happened in just 24 hours.

No one was hurt, but the fires did leave several families looking for new homes, and one fire may have been caused by a little creature looking to get out of the cold.

The Killeen Fire Department got the call about the first fire at around 3 a.m. Sunday in a house in the 1300 block of Estes Drive.

Firefighters took about three hours to put out the flames.

At least one person was displaced and will not be able to move back into the home until repairs are made.

Sunday evening, firefighters were called to another fire at the Hoodview Apartments on Wales Drive.

A couple was home at the time and say their 12-year-old son alerted them to smoke coming from above his room.

"All of a sudden my son, he was the one that noticed it. He was the one that told us about the fire, so we just took him, and I took [my wife] out. She called 911," the resident said.

"Thank God nothing happened to her or my son; we are more than grateful everybody is safe."

The apartment staff says most of the damage was kept to the attic where they also found a squirrel's nest.

They believe the squirrel chewed through the wiring connecting the air conditioning units and that the nest may have caught fire.

That family along with a neighbor with two kids were able to get out without suffering any injuries.

The Red Cross provided a place for the families to stay, and the apartment complex is working to move them to new units.