Killeen: Plans unveiled for national museum

A rendering of the museum.

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Plans were unveiled Wednesday for a museum that will be constructed adjacent to Fort Hood honoring the history of mounted soldiers.

The National Mounted Warrior Museum will honor the history of mounted soldiers who rode into battle on horseback, tankers, airplanes and more.

The $37 million museum is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

"The U.S. Army museum currently tells the story of combined-arms warfare which is how we fight in the Army. They're focused on telling the unit story or a branch or infantry story or artillery story," said National Mounted Warfare Foundation Vice President Bob Crouch.

"Well, this is going to tell the combined-arms stories of how all those branches and units work together in combat."

Those who came to the unveiling were also able to take a virtual tour of the newest museum plans.

Officials hope to break ground this June and open the museum doors in 2021.

The cost of Phase I of the building is expected to be $10.9M. The total cost of all seven phases of the building (including Phase I) is expected to be $16.2M.

Another $2 million is needed to ensure funding for the first phase of the project.


The $37M previously used as the expected cost included the value of the land if the non-profit had to buy it and the costs of exhibits. However, the Army is allowing the use of the government land and the Army’s Center of Military History will be responsible for providing the exhibits.