Killeen: School district needs bus drivers

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) With 70 spots to fill, the Killeen ISD is finding new ways to attract more school bus drivers.

(Photo by Alex Cano)

The district’s transportation director and bus driver, Edward Thomas, says hiring drivers is a bit of a challenge.

“We have a lot of competition with other (commercial driver’s license) required jobs,” Thomas said.

Killeen ISD is offering incentives in hopes of attracting recruits.

“It equates to $1,000 in the first year of employment, we do reimburse your CDL testing cost,” Thomas said.

On Thursday, the district hosted a seminar at which potential drivers learned how to obtain a CDL and about the benefits they would receive if they worked for the district.

The school bus driver shortage is a problem nationwide, the district says.

The Midway ISD has a chronic shortage.

Other districts like Belton and Waco are fully staffed but continue to hire to avoid vacancies.