Killeen: Veteran franchise program gets big funding boost

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Neighborly, an international corporation headquartered in Central Texas is encouraging former military members to become franchise owners, and some local veterans could benefit from a hefty donation to the cause.

Navy veteran Harry Young is also a product of the VetFran program. (Photo by Chelsea Edwards)

Dina Dwyer-Owens the daughter of the company’s founder, and her husband Mike Owens are pledging $250,000 to VetFran which was also created by her dad Don Dwyer, Sr.

"We just believe there's no better way to give back to our veterans than to give them the chance to have ownership of a piece of the American dream which they have worked hard to protect for us," says Dwyer-Owens.

As the owner of five Molly Maid franchises, Navy veteran Harry Young is also a product of the VetFran program, which matches qualified veterans with franchise opportunities and discounts on ownership.

“As an ex-IT person and a technology person, I never thought about the maid business, but it's a great business,” he says.

“Veterans are getting out of the service without a lot of money but they would like to do something,” adds Young.

“Franchising is a perfect opportunity.”

According to VetFran, veterans own about 14 percent of franchises in the U.S.

It's a system circulating more paybacks for service members.

Young’s Killeen and New Braunfels locations were bought from other VetFran owners, and his success is helping him employ more than 100 people, including military spouses.

"It's very much like being in the military- without some of the things you don't like. You don't have to do PT in the morning," he laughs.

With family-friendly hours and regular revenue, Young says this boost in VetFran funding will give more military members the same freedoms and a new spit-shine on life.