Killeen: City seeking residents input on annexation of 2 properties

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Killeen residents will soon have their chance to comment on if the city should annex two properties. The city is asking for public input Tuesday during a special city council meeting.

It’s no secret that Killeen is growing. Take a turn across the city, you’ll see a new home popping up.

“If we don’t grow then what we have will continue to rise. I think it’s important to accommodate that growth. That’s one of the biggest challenges we have,” Mayor Jose Segarra said.

Killeen’s growth is on Tuesday’s agenda. The special meeting will discuss two properties currently not within city limits. If the two properties are annexed, both areas would get access to city services.

One of the properties on Clear Creek Road, in development by Gary Purser Jr., is near Fort Hood and its flight path used for training.

“The big concern is not really the firing that goes on Fort Hood. The big concern is the helicopters because you’re near the airport, and so, a lot of homes in different areas are built around airports and that’s a concern for some people,” Segarra said.

But is the concern enough to stop home-buyers? The mayor says it shouldn’t. The city is depending on that growth and filling new homes to add money and property taxes.

“If we don’t grow, what happens taxes go up and we’re seeing a little bit of that right now. Right now, people don’t believe it, but there is not a lot of homes up for sale, which is what a lot of people wanted,” he said.

The second property on Chaparral Road, with developer WBW Land Investments L.P., is in Councilwoman Debbie Nash-King’s district.

“I have to hear the pros and cons from the developer and residents before I make a decision on that matter,” Nash-King said.

She says the council will consider all of the facts.

“Is it going to put a hardship on our first responders, our waste management and public service? All those elements we have to take under consideration and how it is going to affect us financially,” she added.

Councilman Steve Harris (District 4) told KWTX he doesn’t like the idea of the annexations. He believes it is “a terrible location for homes and a school.”

“You’re adding hundreds of vehicles to an already backed up and crowded road. Also, we cannot expand faster than what our emergency services can handle. Taking on more financial and service responsibility is not good for the city in regards to this particular initiative right now,” Harris said.

The city will take public comments Tuesday at 5 p.m. and May 21.

City leaders are urging residents to take part in the process and voice their opinions during the two public hearings.

The council could adopt the annexation ordinance and approve a plan next month.