Killeen: Update provided on impact fee for new developments

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) The City of Killeen is getting ready for a new impact fee that will help bring in money as the city continues to grow.

During Tuesday’s city council meeting, members received an update on the impact fee. The fee is designed to help the “city recover infrastructure costs required to serve new development” and only applies to new residential developers and commercial properties.

Once the new one-time impact fee is implemented, it can be used for future road, water and sewer projects.

“It's charged to developers at the time a building permit is pulled or at the time a water tap or sewer tap is pulled," said Danielle Singh, interim executive director for public works.

Current residents won’t be impacted by the fee.

"It can be used for new capacity for roadways, it can't be used for maintenance or those type of costs,” said Singh.

As far as the total amount the city can expect to get from the new fee, those numbers weren’t available.

A final report is expected in July, the first public hearing is set for August with the hopes of the impact fee being adopted in October.