Deliveryman left box on local woman’s porch, but took the contents

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) In the season of giving, a delivery driver turned out to be the Grinch for one Killeen family.

Alleged theft by a delivery driver was caught on home surveillance cameras.

"You stole from a child," said Amanda Randazzo.

Randazzo was expecting a package Tuesday night from her father-in-law.

The package contained gifts valued at close to $100, for her two children.

After getting a notification from her security cameras, she says, she went to check the front door.

"Maybe a minute lapsed between me going to the door and her leaving," she said.

Randazzo, a Fort Hood spouse, says she was in disbelief at what she found when she opened the door.

"I looked down and I immediately saw the flaps were folded down on top of each other trying to re-close the box. I took the box off the edge of the driveway and kind of look around like, 'is this really happening right now,'" she said.

Her security cameras, a combination of Ring and Nest devices, captured the entire incident.

"You don't think that your actual delivery driver is going to be the one stealing from you. It's not about what's in the package for me…we expect a certain amount of trust from people to do their job and deliver the package safely," she said.

Randazzo reported the theft to police.

In a statement sent to KWTX, Amazon confirmed it had taken action against the driver.

"This does not meet our high standards for delivery partners and this individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages," the company said.

Randazzo says Amazon has reimbursed her father-in-law for the purchase and the company has promised to resend the items, for free, just in time for Christmas.

Still, having to tell her kids, she says, was heartbreaking.

"My 5-year-old, his first thought was 'I hope her kid needed the toy more than me.' He was hoping that it was a kid that didn't have toys got it," she said.