Killeen: Police increasing presence during busy shopping weekend

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) With just days before Christmas, shoppers will head out one last time to find last-minute deals across Central Texas.

In Killeen, police are being mindful of the increase in shoppers by adding more officers on the ground and watching heavy populated areas to deter crime.

”The visibility. I like to make sure people can see us," officer Ovidio Correa said.

He also discussed ways officers will be making their presence felt. In addition to the mobile command center at the Killeen Mall, officers will also be checking inside stores and greeting customers.

”It is a very active time of the year, we understand that. We are going to do our best to have as many officers out there and make sure that everybody can have a safe and best time to do their last minute shopping," he said.

While you are out shopping and buying gifts, there are important safety measures you should also make.

”Beware of your surroundings. Know what is going on, take some basic precautionary measures. Make sure your vehicles are locked. Make sure you always know what’s going on around you. If you notice something, say something," Correa said.

During the ride-along, our camera also captured officers responding to a reported theft call. That incident, serving as a reminder that crime will not be tolerated.

”You’re going to get caught eventually, that’s the bottom-line," he said. "Whether its big or small, first of all the embarrassment, second of all, is it worth it?”

The department's Safe Christmas Program will run through January 1.