Rain, go away: Local man says water fills apartment when it rains

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) For a Central Texas man, the sight of rain brings an unsettling feeling. When the weather turns bad, water fills his Killeen apartment.

When Brock Evans moved into Summerlyn Apartments, he never expected the rainy weather to follow him inside. He says he’s had enough of the quick fixes by management.

“It’s going to take one bad storm or wind storm and these floors are going to cave in on someone,” Evans said.

A fear that he says is only being fixed with temporary patch work.

“That strip wears out and it starts raining again. It rains in the apartment, same thing over again. They patch up but never fixed it,” he says.

Evans says the problem has been going on for almost a year.

In video sent to KWTX, from a recent storm you can see the hole in the ceiling and water coming down the walls.

“We have to throw away shoes constantly. We go to bed, middle of night and it starts raining. That’s where we put our shoes at because we don’t walk on the carpet,” Evans said.

Place 10 Residential, who currently manages the property, confirms the leak and says there have been repairs to try to fix the problem.

They also confirm a contractor came out Wednesday afternoon to once again try to fix it.

For Evans – it is too little too late. He wants to either move to another unit at the same price he is paying now or break his lease without penalty.

“Let that be possible, keep me in my locked rate and move me into another unit that is fixed,” he said.

The management company says they will be reaching back out to Evans to further address the issue.