Killeen: Sisters fight against sex trafficking

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Alicia and Alissa Clemons held a special meeting on Saturday where citizens could speak with officials from the department of public safety about sex trafficking in Central Texas.

Photo by Alex Gibbs

"This is an epidemic against the human race as a whole," said Alicia Clemons.

The meeting also included a courses on self-defense and weapons for personal safety.

According to the Governor's Office, the state of Texas has seen approximately 79,000 minors who were victims of sex trafficking as of 2016.

In recent months, KWTX has reported multiple arrests and victims rescued within Bell County.

Apryl Coffie, a pastor and a victim of sexual abuse, believes that it's important to educate parents about the dangers of sex trafficking.

"I have children now," she said.

"So you take things more personal now."

Both sisters hope to openly invoke change and action within the community.

"If it were just one person here, I would have been totally satisfied because that one person can go and tell the masses," said Alicia Clemons.