Killeen: Taxi cab companies gear up for busy New Year's weekend

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) The countdown to 2018 is in full swing.

Family, friends and sometimes alcohol make it to the New Year’s Eve party.

While police are on high alert for drunk drivers, ridesharing companies and taxis are making sure they get to all the calls coming in this weekend.

“The people that are out here driving that don't need to be driving you call a cab” said Lloyd West.

West driven for Luxury Cabs, a Killeen Taxi Cab service, for six years.
He knows how busy it will be this New Year’s weekend.

“We are here to serve that is what we need to do” he said.

A report by the Texas Department of Transportation says there were 39 fatal crashes on the New Year’s weekend last year.

“Generations need to keep on going and if they are going to do something irresponsibly then that's another life gone” said West.

On average, Texas sees about one drunk driving crash every 20 minutes.

“You never know what that child might have been, they may be a doctor or lawyer, and it can be somebody that can represent."

Cab service companies say it will be busy for them so pre-plan early if you are wanting to book a ride.

“Plan your day out. Give us a call. Set up a time call because we may be really busy on New Year’s Eve” said Kevin Grimme, CEO Luxury Cab.

Grimme recommends to call hours before heading out.

“It’s never good to drink and drive. If you know you are going to drink just do it responsibly, give us a call and set it up” he said.

The 2016-2017, troopers for the Department of Public Safety made over 400 DWI arrests.