Lampasas: Social media post helps woman find closure after 30 years

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LAMPASAS, Texas (KWTX) The search for closure has taken nearly 30 years for Lampasas native Lola Barnes.

Barnes brother, Robert Lee McPherson, died on November 22, 1989 from injuries he sustained in an accident.

“At 3 o clock the next morning I got a knock from Copperas Cove police that my brother had gotten into an accident and was taken flew to Breckinridge in Austin and wasn't expected to make it. “

“We stopped at cleaners my mom ran in Lampasas and had to get directions and her assistant sat me down in her office and told me there is no reason to go. They had to turn the life support off because he was brain dead” Barnes said.

McPherson, an organ donor, gave the gift of life after his untimely death.

“I wanted to know who had received his organs and how they changed their lives and how it helped them to know that his life did make a difference” Barnes said.

Through a community Facebook page, Barnes asked members for help on how she could find out if her brother’s organ recipients, specifically if his heart, had lived on.

On November 30th, a viewer reached out to News 10 about Barnes post asking for help.

For nearly three weeks, the search began to find out what had happened to McPherson’s heart recipient.

On December 14, the Texas Organ Alliance had the answer.

While privacy laws prevent the organization from telling Barnes much, they were able to confirm the person who received her brother's heart lived for another 10 years.

“So that helped me get through it because I knew his heart lived on and was helping somebody else” Barnes said.

A little help that has given her the closure she's needed.