Killeen: Family loses mother, then discovers her home was burglarized

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Members of a Central Texas family grieving the loss of their mother were hit with the unthinkable shortly after her funeral.

For the family of Hilda Kay Howard July 19, is a day they won’t forget.

Hilda, at the age of 71, died.

On Monday, her family gathered at the funeral home to say their final goodbyes.

Hours after the funeral service, they learned that someone had broken into her home.

“For it to happen on this day…the day of her funeral, it’s just…I’m beyond words,” said her son, Victor Howard.

Not only was the home ransacked, but also Hilda Howard’s 2014 red Honda CRV was missing.

“Papers were thrown everywhere. You couldn’t see hardwood floor here. They literally just took out drawers and just dumped them everywhere. Luckily they didn’t break anything we could see,” Victor Howard said.

Nothing was broken, but valuables, including a will, were gone.

The family believes it happened overnight Sunday after everyone had left the home on Lake Road.

Victor Howard’s nephew made a stop by the home Monday after the funeral.

“My nephew came by the house to check on her dogs and realized when he opened the garage, her car was missing. Police…they showed up. Come to find out, we learned my mom’s car was used in an accident Monday morning,” Victor Howard said.

That accident, the family believes, is the same that left dozens in the dark after a power pole was struck early Monday morning in the 3300 block of East Rancier Avenue

The driver abandoned the car.

Killeen police would not confirm the theft or whether the two incidents are related, only saying officers responded to the burglary.

“We don’t know if somebody was trolling obituaries and knew she passed and came for that. Or if it was somebody else who knew more about her and came to the house to look for stuff,” Victor Howard said.

The family says it is hard for them to understand why someone would do this.

“What was taken from us was the opportunity to grieve. We’re dealing now with going through the house we weren’t planning to go through for months.”

As of Tuesday night, no arrests have been made.