Local H-E-B employee’s good deed in the storm didn’t go unnoticed

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Juan Frias, 19, an employee of the H-E-B store on South Valley Mills Drive in Waco, who was captured on camera holding an umbrella to shield an elderly woman from the driving rain Wednesday afternoon as she returned to her car quickly became a Facebook celebrity, but at first he had no idea why.

The photo of Juan Frias' good deed circulated quickly on Facebook.

The photo was shared hundreds of times, generating hundreds of positive comments, but Frias didn’t know his good deed had been photographed and shared until he got off work Wednesday evening.

“I was getting random high fives from everyone. People (were) just saying ‘thank you’ and I had no idea why,” Frias said.

“And (then) my manger said ‘hey you’re Facebook famous.’”

Frias said shoppers were encouraged to stay inside the store as the storm rolled in early Wednesday afternoon, but the woman and her daughter couldn’t wait for the rain to end because the daughter had received a call about a matter at her son’s school that required immediate attention.

Frias escorted the younger woman to the car first.

She, at first, had trouble getting the car started, so Frias stood by, holding the umbrella over her as she popped the hood to check the battery.

Then, after she got the car started, Frias dashed back into the store to help the older woman.

“I said no big deal. I’ll just get wet,” Frias said, laughing.

“They said ‘thank you’ and I closed the door and said ‘y’all be safe out here because it is raining.’”

The 2018 University High School graduate says it was a simple courtesy he’d repeat anytime for anyone, on the clock or off.

“I was just doing what I’d normally do and someone happened to take a picture,” he said.

“I just live a simple life. Hopefully it will encourage other people to do the same.”