Local NAACP branch offering free rides to the polls

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Come bright and early Tuesday morning, voters across the country and Central Texas will make their voices heard.

If you're headed out to the polls and need a ride, the local Killeen branch of the NAACP is offering free rides to your specific polling location.

The only caveat is you must live in Killeen or Harker Heights.

“If you don’t have transportation to the polls and it is not feasible for you to walk to the polling location, just give us a call, text us or call us if you have a landline," TaNeika Driver-Moultrie said. "We will be there to take you to your polling location, to cast your vote because that is what we want to happen.”

The number to call is either (254) 681-5039 or (254)289-0528.

When it comes to getting minorities to the polls, the NAACP has done multiple outreach events and seminars. A recent television advertisement also features former first lady Michelle Obama.

Locally, the organization has been on the streets and passing out sample ballots, mobilizing voters -- no matter what side of the political aisle you are on.

“Passing out information on where they can vote. Helping people as far as not knowing who the candidates are or what they’re about, just providing them information across the board that these are the candidates here in your area," Driver-Moultrie said.

If you need any reason to vote, Driver-Moultrie says remember the sacrifices that those before us have made.

“I need to think about what Dr. King went through, what Rep. John Lewis went through, what all those individuals went through in Selma, Montgomery, Alabama, Memphis, Tennessee and that should give me reason definitely to go out and vote, if nothing else," she added.

In addition to the NAACP, ride-sharing services including Lyft and Uber are also offering Election Day deals. Lyft is offering 50-percent off rides to a polling location and Uber is offering $10 off a single ride.