Kempner: Couple adopts abused puppy just in time for Christmas

Noelle was adopted Sunday in time to spend her first Christmas with her new family, Earl and Kaye (above) McCullom.
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KEMPNER, Texas (KWTX) She's not 'The First Noel,' but an abused local puppy who was rescued during the holiday season named 'Noelle' is spending her first Christmas with her new family.

Noelle's new owners decided to adopt her after they saw a KWTX story that aired after Thanksgiving weekend when an animal rescuer discovered the dog was locked-up in a City of Marlin office for days.

The rescuer brought the puppy to La Vega Veterinary Clinic to treat neck wounds she sustained while under the care of her previous owner and named her Noelle in honor of the holiday season.

A military veteran from Kempner, Earl McCullom and his wife Kaye, fell in love with the puppy after seeing her story.

The couple arranged to pick her up Sunday so she would be in her new home in time for Christmas.

The McCulloms have changed her name to Shadow because she follows them everywhere they go, they say.