Killeen: Councilman hosts town hall on street fee

Photo by Chelsea Edwards

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) The Killeen City Council has voted to move forward with a $1.6 million street maintenance fee, but one member continues to push back on the decision.

Councilman Gregory Johnson took to Facebook claiming he is being attacked for his opposition to the fee.

He also called out four council members who voted and are up for re-election in May.

The fee could add up to seven dollars to residents’ water bills to pay for the city's damaged roads.

Some residents believe the council made the right call.

"Killeen needs a little help,” says O.K. Smith.

“If they do add another dollar, well, the help is needed- not only to patch the streets, we need to get the engineers to look at the sewers," he adds.

Other residents say they want better streets, but it would be difficult for some to shell out the extra funds.

“I feel like if you're retired and you're on a set income, you shouldn't pay it at all to be honest,” Melvin Ruffin said.

“Especially if you're from Killeen, been living here over 20 years, you did your due diligence to the community, so I feel like they should be exempt.”

Residents opposed to the fee have complained about mismanagement of the city's budget and already having to pay extra to pay their water bills online.

Public meetings were not held before the decision on the fee was made.

Johnson has scheduled a town hall for residents to ask questions and give feedback at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Village United at 324 East Avenue D.