Local community rallies to end violence after recent death

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Days after the shooting death of an 18-year-old in a Killeen neighborhood, community leaders and residents came together to say they've had enough with the violence.

The rally, held at the apartment's courtyard, brought out everyone of all ages, calling an end to the violence -- not only in the area but across the city of Killeen.

"We want an immediate end to all violence that claims the life of our children. An immediate end to it," said Tavares Bethel with The Village United.

Last month, Zeontre Da'Shon Horton was fatally shot at the Bridgewater Apartments on W. Hallmark Avenue. Two people, 30-year-old Myshan Leandre Diggles and 21-year-old Malik Devante Chrystal have been arrested in connection to Horton's death.

Horton's death was the push organizer Andrea Hasberry needed to fix her community. She says she worries about her grandchildren and their future.

"I messed up a lot around here, I'm willing to fix it. If this is what I got to do to fix it, today makes my day to start. If I have to keep going and going every month, until I get it right, I'm going to make sure I get it right," she said.

It's a right, leaders say, for the sake of the children being able to go outside without the fear of violence.

A message to get rid of the violence coming loud and clear.

"Those who perpetuate those type of crimes, we need those individuals to understand we are no longer going to tolerate those type of behaviors in our community," Bethel said.

The call to action from the rally: holding each other accountable.

"If something happened to one fo my kids, how would I react? I wouldn't know what to do. Whatever I can do to fix this community, to stop the next momma from crying, I'll do it. I know everybody has their day, but I don't want it to be their day like this," Hasberry added.