Fire damages local woman’s apartment, then burglars ransack it

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) After a fire breaks out at a local apartment complex, multiple families are left to pick up the pieces.

Burglars ransacked the apartment after the fire and stole some valuable items. (Photo by Brandon Hamilton)

But hours later, more devastating news for one family after someone breaks into their mother's apartment.

Semone Taylor received a call from her brother Tuesday morning about a fire at her mom’s apartment on Jennifer Drive in Killeen.

“He called me at 5:33 in the morning and said ‘momma’s apartment building is on fire.’ He had to tell me four times before I actually realized it,” she said.

A sense of shock for Taylor as she rushed to her mom’s apartment. Her mom’s apartment was one of several units damaged in the fire.

“What was going through your mind at the time?” News 10 asked.
“Where is my momma --- the whole time,” she answered.

Hours after the fire was put out, they were hit with another low.

“I got a call…they took her stuff. I was like, are you kidding?” Taylor said.

It wasn’t a joke.

She says a burglar ransacked the apartment Wednesday, taking valuable items.

Killeen police confirmed a report was filed and said they are investigating.

For this family – a message to whoever is responsible for the burglary.

“It’s petty. Not once, but twice – fire and then you come back and burglarize, it’s petty,” Taylor said.

She is hoping to find a positive in this week of bad news by helping her mom and the neighbors – including kids -- affected by the fire.

“School starts on Monday, the kids can’t go to school because they don’t have clothes or school supplies,” she said.

A GoFundMe page has been started.

There is also a special person Taylor wants to thank: a Lyft driver. She says the driver saw the fire and alerted everyone to safety.

“My praise goes to you. Because you saved not only my momma but the other families as well,” she added.