Local girl struck by truck; mother wants drivers to slow down

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) A Temple middle school girl is recovering after a truck hit her Monday while she was on her way to school, and her mother says she wants driver’s to slow down.

Aubrey Scott (left) and her mother, Jaime Jones. (Photo by Alex Cano)

Aubrey Scott was walking with her friend to North Belton Middle School when the truck struck her.

“I felt this big shove on my back and at first I thought it was my friend and then I had fallen to the ground,” Scott said.

Aubrey’s mother, Jaime Jones, was immediately contacted by a neighbor.

“You know you just really need to pay attention because you can’t replace your children,” Jones said.

Scott was taken to a local hospital, treated and released later that day.

“Her neck is hurting her right now. Plus her back is hurting and she got scraps on her elbows, knees and hips,” Jones said.

Jones says it’s normal for kids to walk to school and says people driving in the area need to slow down.

“This is a walk zone,” she said.

“We don’t have buses that take children to, especially when you are driving anywhere but really in a residential area you need to be watching where you are going and always keep an eye out.”

Scott echoes her mother’s concerns.

“I want them to make sure that there are no kids and not to speed because it hurts a lot when you get hit by a car,” Scott said.

Temple police are investigating.