Waco: Local law enforcement officers honored at annual dinner

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Every time they put their uniform on, they become a target.

Waco Police Officer Jimmy McCall, McLennan County Sheriff's Office Captain Steve January, Texas Dept. of Public Safety Trooper Monica Montoya, and Hewitt Police Officer Clint Brandon all received awards for their outstanding service to the community. (Photo by Clint Webb)

Consequently, KWTX and Waco Scottish Rite Bodies are aiming to show local law enforcement officers how much they're valued.

The 5th Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner was held Tuesday night, thanking police officers across Central Texas for their protection and service.

"It's fun to be appreciated, we hear a lot of negative going on in the world today about everything and it really means a lot," said Lacy Lakeview Police Chief John Truehitt.

More than 100 officers and their loved ones filled the basement of the Lee Lockwood Library and Museum in Waco for a hot ham dinner--on the house, of course--and an awards ceremony to recognize their efforts for helping make our communities better.

Invitees were humble, but thankful.

"Most police officers are very humble, and we really don't like the attention to be honest with you, but it's nice," said Truehitt.

Legenday KWTX weatherman Rusty Garrett emceed the event with remarks from Major Corey Lain, Company Commander of Texas Rangers Company "F": 29 Rangers covering 43 counties with cities including Waco, Austin, San Antonio and Victoria.

"The job of law enforcement is the sense of selfless service for others, they have a sense of public duty," said Lain. "They need reaffirmations, just like anybody else does, and so events like this help just shore up in them that what they're doing matters to the public, that people care and appreciate what it is that they do."

Officers from four different local law enforcement agencies were honored for what they've done.

McLennan County Sheriff's Captain Steve January, Waco PD SWAT Officer Jimmy McCall, and Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Monica Montoya received the Albert Pike Community Service Award, designed to give recognition to those men and women who spend their time helping others have a greater community.

The final award of the night, the Albert Pike Medal of Valor, was given to Hewitt Police Officer Clint Brandon who stayed in the fight after he was shot by a bank robber in February.