Local leaders, residents address flooding along Nolan Creek

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) In effort to help mitigate flooding issues across the region, local leaders welcomed comments from residents who live along Nolan Creek Monday evening.

The public meeting was part of the Nolan Creek Flood Protection Planning Study, which started in Feb. 2017. The study includes the cities of Belton, Harker Heights, Killeen and Nolanville.

Residents voiced their concerns about flooding issues along the creek.

”The problem we run into is that there are a lot of trees that will fall in the creek. No one takes those trees out, so they wash on down just below where Little Nolan and Nolan Creek converge," David Doell said.

The goal of the study is to create a model for the entire region to use with identifying ways of reducing flooding and finding those flood-prone areas.

Some of the tasks in the study include identifying flood early warning system improvements and ways to respond in case of flooding.

“Looking at regional detention ponds, looking at channel improvements, bridge improvements, those kinds of things," consultant Eric Scheibe said. "Again, focusing on if Killeen does something, if they build a new bridge, does that affect Belton, if Belton does something on a warning system can that benefit Killeen?”

The study will conclude in August of next year.

You can submit your flooding concerns or issues by clicking the link provided on this page.