Local man claims mistaken identity in fraud case

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Did police find their guy, or is it a case of mistaken identity?

Fraud charges against a Killeen man has some calling for another investigation.

On March 18, a surveillance picture shows a man using a debit card, reportedly stolen from a Copperas Cove couple, at the Burlington Coat Factory on W.S. Young in Killeen.

The next day, the man racked up three more charges at the Spare Time Entertainment Center in Temple.

Cove police say a tipster saw the photos and pointed them to Travis Davis. An arrest affidavit also states that a car at his house was similar to the one the suspect used to get away.

"It's a lot of people that look like me but it's not me," says Davis who believes the similarities between himself and the man in the photos have been stretched.

He points to the photos where the suspect has a kid with him on his crime spree.

"With his child that looks like he's about eight, and my oldest son is about three," he says.

"He's shorter than me, and he has more weight," adds Davis.

"His arms are bigger than mine"

Davis's tattoos don't appear to show up in the photos where the man is pushing a stroller.

"If that was me, you would have seen my tattoos," says Davis displaying large letters across his forearms.

His girlfriend Tiffany Britten emailed a picture of his arms to the detective on the case and says she was told he believed her.

“He sent me the email back," she says.

"He’s like 'okay, I’m not going to pursue the warrant for his arrest, I’m going to drop it and send all this information to the DA.”

Instead, Davis was soon in jail charged with fraud.

“Sleeping on hard concrete,“ adds Davis.

Although he was accused of running up less than two hundred dollars in charges, he had to post bond for more than ten times that amount at $2,000.

“They say you're innocent until you're proven guilty, but I think it's the other way around,” he says.

Davis is now seeking an attorney for his pending court date.

In the meantime, he says he's hoping someone recognizes the man in the photos so that his name can be cleared.

Britten says after posting the photos on social media, someone did reach out to her saying that the same man was spotted committing fraud with gift cards at another store in Killeen.

News 10 forwarded the information to Killeen police, but the department stated officers are not able to comment on a suspect pending case.

News 10 also reached out to Copperas Cove Police, and they say because the case is on-going, they also could not comment.

Coryell County provided a copy of the arrest affidavit.