Local man struck, stripped, left standing in the cold in his boxers

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HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) A man who was struck in the head with a gun while riding around with an acquaintance, forced to strip, robbed, and then left standing in the late-night cold wearing only his boxer shorts and socks declined to pursue charges, Harker Heights police said Wednesday.

The unidentified 20-year-old man was walking just before midnight in the area of Prospector Trail and Stillhouse Lake Road when the unnamed acquaintance pulled up in a small SUV and offered him a ride, police said.

The victim got into the vehicle, in which two other men were also riding, and the drove around for a while, stopping at a store to purchase a few items.

In the 1500 block of Indian Trail, the two passengers struck him in the head with what he thought was a handgun, forced him to remove his jacket, pants and shoes, took his cellphone and credit card, and then told him to get out of the vehicle, police said.

The temperature was around freezing at the time.

The man went to a nearby home to ask for help and the resident called police.

When officers arrived, the man was standing outside wearing only his boxer shorts and socks.

“He refused to cooperate with police stating he was not a snitch and wouldn’t say anything else about it, and he just wanted police to give him a ride home,” police said in a press release Wednesday.

Officers took him first to the police department where he was given some clothing and then, after he refused to pursue charges, had him sign a release before taking him home.