Local mom bakes in apartment without A/C; calls to management unanswered

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) A Central Texas mother says she’s been living in her apartment for the past four days without air conditioning and as the temperatures continue to rise she doesn’t feel she is getting any help.

“Basically you’re pouring in sweat. I even have fans going and you’re pouring in sweat. You try to sleep and you wake up soaked,” Trish Combs said.

The air conditioning at her Sunset Arms apartment, located on South Ann Boulevard in Harker Heights, has been out since Sunday. She says leading to a potential bigger problem: her health.

“Been having my asthma go crazy. I have asthma, but it depends on the heat or something like that. Since it’s been so hot in here, it’s been going crazy,” Combs said.

She also says her recent calls and voicemails left to management to figure out the next step have not been returned. This after a repair man, she says, came out to her apartment and discovered the A/C unit may need to be replaced.

“They said they had looked at it and it was nothing they can do until the office gives them the ok and the office pays them to whatever work has to be done,” she said.

KWTX also reached out to the number provided at the apartment complex. Our numerous calls and a voicemail were not returned.

Now on day four without A/C, Combs says she’s worried about her family. She’s stopped her grandkids from coming to visit.

“I don’t even feel same with them here because they are so little,” she said.

By reaching out, she is hoping her problem will soon come to an end. She reiterated she didn’t want to cause any problems, just to get relief from the Texas summer heat.

“At the end of the day, would you want your family in this situation? This is Texas, when it gets hot, it gets hot. Would you want your family in a house with no air and nothing like that and your kids sweating to death and possibly passing out because of it?” she said.