Local pet owner fed up after finding dead dog dumped on road

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) It’s a disturbing sight on a Central Texas road that has left one resident fed up after finding dogs -- sometimes dead -- dumped multiple times.

“It enrages me, I can’t stand this. That’s why I called you people today, I see it too much,” David Thornton said.

He says he’s seen dogs – alive and dead – dumped along Paddy Hamilton Road and Levy Crossing Road.

“Last Thursday, I seen this dog over here. This dog looks like it’s been told to lie down and they put a round into it,” he said.

He says he has called the Bell County Sheriff’s Office. KWTX also called the Bell County Animal Control on Wednesday to report the dog had been dead for almost a week and still on the road.

Thornton also owns a Chihuahua that he found abandoned on Paddy Hamilton Road.

As he recalled, this is not the first time.

“I seen two Rottweilers on Levy Crossing that had been shot dead and they were sitting on the side of the road…up this way there was a dog that had been shot and left for dead,” he said.

A disgusting act that sadly may not end soon. Officials say the summer months usually causes an uptick in dog dumpings across Bell County.

“It happens out here all the time; it has to come to an end,” Thornton added.

Dumping animals and leaving them to die (or negligence) is a misdemeanor crime in Texas.

Thornton hopes pet owners are caught and held responsible.

“There are rescue groups out here, Facebook groups dedicated to lost and found pets that will foster your dog until we find a home for it. This is not the solution for it, this dog didn’t deserve this,” he said.

If you ever feel you need to get rid of your pet, contact your local animal shelter. There is a small fee and current rabies tag and certificate is required.