Mac House opens its doors in Waco

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) If you’re a fan of mac and cheese the restaurant you’ve been waiting for has officially opened its doors.

The Mac House, located in the middle of a parking lot at 3828 Franklin Ave in a building that once housed a Vitek’s Gut Pak Shak and a Shipley’s Do-nuts, officially opened its doors to the public Wednesday.

“So far, so good,” said owner Abby Head. “We are starting to get some exposure and just people driving by so it’s been really enjoyable to see all the people we’re wanting to see. It’s achieving the goal hopefully.”

The gourmet mac and cheese restaurant serves five different types of grilled mac and cheese in addition to a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches, two signature soups, two salads and some lemonades and teas.

The menu includes several gluten-free options.

Abby and her husband Omari, both from out of state, moved to Waco and launched Cheddar Box in October 2015, a food truck that eventually found its way to the tourist magnet of Magnolia market. And while the food truck featuring grilled cheese will remain on site there, the couple decided the business was missing something.

“We started at a farmer’s market stand and had a great response from locals. Then we got this opportunity to open at Magnolia and thought locals would have access to us and we’ve realized the majority of traffic is from out of towners and we’ve loved meeting people from all over the world but just over the past year or two we felt a lot of sadness we didn’t get to see our local people anymore,” Abby said.

And that’s when the couple got the idea for The Mac House, a stand-alone restaurant away from the hustle and bustle of Magnolia where diners could gather for fresh a meal that includes lots of local vendors too.

“We partner with a lot of local vendors so all of our bread comes from Homestead Bakery and Brazos Valley Cheese and Baked Bliss for cookies,” Abby said.

“We bake everything fresh she just helps us make the dough.”

“We just wanted to give Wacoans the opportunity to experience what Waco can actually produce.”

The Mac House will be opened Wednesday through Saturdays 11am-8pm.

“We’ll focus on mid-week and weekend comfort food needs,” Abby laughed.