Temple: McLane Children's seeking student volunteers

Photo By Elliot Wilson

Paging future doctors! Baylor Scott & White’s McLane Children’s Hospital is looking for it’s newest batch of student helpers.

The hospital’s Health Science Camp starts this summer. Students will learn the ins and outs of working at Mclane’s and the clinic next to it.

A couple of Belton High School students participated in the pilot program and are returning so they can prepare for their future careers.

“We get to see many different facets of the hospital and learn really what we actually want to do when we grow up," says Brian Shadrock.

Hallie Gutierrez chimes in. "We learn so much. We have so much experience, and everyone’s so nice and they’re helpful, and they allow us to really grow as much as we want,” she adds.

The program is accepting college students and tenth and eleventh graders who are enrolled in health sciences classes.

For more information, visit the link provided.