Medical Minute: Fish oil

(Photo by Crystal Rosado)
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(KWTX) A local doctor says adding a particular supplement to your daily diet and routine could save your life if you’ve had a heart attack in the past.

“It lowers blood pressure its seems to cause maybe a decrease in inflammation in the blood vessel the result is you have less plaque buildup and less plague traveling to a different place which could cause a blockage,” said Dr. Tim Martindale, a family physician, with Providence Health Center in Waco.

Martindale says that blockage is what leads to a heart attack.

The American Heart Association released a study last month that said although fish oil pills are able to prevent death after a heart attack, there is little evidence that proves it can help prevent heart disease.

“We think there is ongoing evidence of research trials that will indicate that it will do that we just can’t say it absolutely right now,” Martindale said.

If you do take fish oil supplements don’t stop taking them just yet, Martindale said.

“There’re so many benefits we think there is evidence that it may actually help prevent dementia, in young people there is evidence that it helps build brain power and help our brain function,” said Martindale.

If you’re not a fan of taking a pill you can get all the nutrient’s the old fashion way by eating tuna, salmon or bass.