Local officers bust illegal gambling operation

(Groesbeck Police Dept. photo)
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MEXIA, Texas (KWTX) Mexia and Grosebeck police raided what authorities say was an illegal gambling operation as they executed a search warrant Wednesday night at The Mexia Vape Shop in the 1200 block of East Milam Street.

Police say they found 27 gaming machines and thousands of dollars in cash.

Authorities plan to file charges against at least three people, Groesbeck police Chief Chris Henson said.

The investigation was led by various joint criminal apprehension members from the Groesbeck and Mexia police departments. in response to reports about illegal payouts.

"I think they've been doing it for a while," said Henson.

Officials said they will continue investigations into illegal gambling in the city and encourage citizens to continue to use the Groesbeck Police Department's tip411 app to report criminal activity.