Midway ISD warns parents to not buy gear from outside companies

(Midway ISD photo)
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WOODWAY, Texas (KWTX) The Midway ISD is warning parents about companies selling unsanctioned school district apparel.

Public Information Officer Traci Marlin says it is a problem they are aware of.

“We have a chronic issue with people selling merchandise under the Midway ISD name. I am not referring to retail shops that sell Midway info. It's people who go and sell sponsorship to put on Midway shirts and send us the shirts unsolicited," she said.

"The problem is these companies are soliciting to our local companies and they think they are helping the schools but it is not, it’s leaving to go to some random company that we are unaffiliated with."

The school district urges parents to go through students and staff members from the school for their merchandise purchases.