Military couple in viral video have Central Texas ties

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) You may have seen the viral video of a young soldier surprising her husband, also a soldier, after returning home from Iraq.

CBS News

But you may not know 2nd lt. Jamie Douglas is stationed at Fort Hood.

And she and her husband, 2nd lt. Jordan Pruitt both graduated and received an ROTC commission from Baylor University.

Jamie surprise Jordan in class at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio earlier this month.

He was completely shocked as she announced, "I'm back," and embraced her tightly as everyone around applauded and cheered.

Jordan is training as a physical therapist and Jamie is a medic who spent eight months in Iraq before returning home.

They graduated from Baylor in 2017.

In fact, their relationship goes back to their high school days.

Both of them are from military families and began their Army careers after graduating from Baylor.

Jamie was deployed right after he proposed.

"That was really hard because being on a deployment this early in a career was not something that I thought I was mentally prepared for," Jaime recalled.

Jordan said, "I looked back at the video and I noticed I hugged her about five times in the course of her standing there. And that was just what was going through my head you know, there were a lot of moments over the past 8 to 9 months."

Jamie got to come home temporarily for their wedding in San Antonio in August of last year.

And we thank both of them for the time together they have sacrificed, all to serve our country.