Moody: School district adds Wi-Fi to buses

(Photo by Chelsea Edwards)

MOODY, Texas (KWTX) The Moody ISD is adding Wi-Fi to its school buses to ensure students without home internet access don’t fall behind.

According to the mobile technology company Kajeet, seven out of 10 teachers send home assignments that require internet access, which is why the district is providing wireless internet access on its buses.

Wi-Fi routers and the first year of service are being paid for through a homework gap grant.

The new devices are meant to increase internet access for students in low-income and rural areas.

"If I have it on the bus, I can finish my homework in time, so when I get home I can play," says third grader Robert.

He is one of many students whose internet service is spotty at home because of location.

Moody ISD Technology Director Nancy Molina wrote the grant application for the purpose of meeting students where they are in the digital age.

“We see that as being very important- that they have the technology and tools they need to learn, so it's a matter of being able to meet their educational needs,” Molina said.

“It's really important that they have those kinds of devices to help them learn."

Moody ISD surveys students twice a year to determine their access to the internet.

Students who live further away are more likely to have limited online access because of poorer signals in their neighborhoods.

Those students can spend around an hour and a half each day riding the bus.

The district says Wi-Fi should be up and running on the school buses by early November.

Then, those long rides home could possibly be turned into additional learning opportunities.