Mooreville Methodist moving forward after destructive fire

MOOREVILLE, Texas (KWTX) A day before cleanup is set to begin for the historic Mooreville church building that burned down earlier this month, a memorial and dedication service was held by the congregation.

This represents sign of closure for the members of the church and another step toward moving forward.

“When bad things happen to us as individuals or as a group, when you pull together, you can overcome a lot and that’s what this church has done,” said Rev. Brad Brittain, the district superintendent for the central Texas conference of the united Methodist church.

Rev. Brittain he has been with Mooreville every step of the way. He loves the resilience he has seen from the church and their willingness to keep moving forward.

“One of the most impressive things I think is the day after the fire, they continued with their food ministry that they do here and that happened that very next day,” said Rev. Brittain. “They just understand their mission in the community and that’s really neat to see.”

Now the focus shifts to cleanup and rebuilding. Mooreville pastor Dennis Rejcek saying that a new building could cost up to a million dollars. Brittain says that area churches are still taking up collections to help Mooreville where they can. At the dedication, three women from the Wesley Chapel in Gholson presented the church with a handmade quilt the church could auction off. Brittain says in addition to rebuilding that the church must also retain its true mission.

“What is the point of a church in the first place,” asked Rev. Brittain. “It's making disciples for Christ. And that’s what any church should be doing and that’s what this church should be focusing on. And of course rebuilding should be a part of that but not let your identity be shaped by anything other than the real mission.”

Cleanup of the building remains will begin Monday at 8 a.m.