More drive-thru testing centers open in Central Texas

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(KWTX) Premier ER and Urgent Care has opened drive-thru testing centers at its facilities at 9110 Jordan Lane in Woodway, 7010 West Adams Ave. in Temple and a third in San Marcos.

Premier ER and Urgent Care has opened drive-thru COVID-19 testing centers in Central Texas.

“We have been contacted many times over the past few weeks to be able to offer Covid-19 testing for local and national businesses who want to get their employees cleared and back to work," said Paul Hamilton, senior vice president of business development.

"We are excited to now have this option for them and our communities as a whole."

The testing isn't for everyone, however, and it's not for free.

Residents will first need to go through an online screening, which costs $49 for those without insurance.

"You will meet with one of their physicians and go through a virtual screening," Vice President of communications and patient relations Kristina Holcomb said.

Those who meet CDC guidelines for testing will then be contacted to schedule the drive-thru COVID-19 tests.

If approved for testing, there's a $25 processing fee for all patients, plus lab costs, which for the uninsured could be as much as $100, officials said.

The response was light on day one.

A handful of people drove through the Temple site and no one turned up at the Woodway site.

"People don't know about it yet, so we want to get the word out to let people know we're an option," Holcomb said.

“We anticipate more coming through Friday and next week."

More people drove through the center set up at the San Marcos facility, with which Hays County is working.

"That facility tends to see the most so far," Holcomb said.

Enough tests are available to do one every 10 to 15 minutes during the weekday drive-thru from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

"We have about 20 per site, per day, give or take," said Holcomb.

"But we also have the ability to get more and extend our hours if demand goes up."

The test takes about five minutes to administer and results come back within 24-hours, she said.