Third grader dies in charter bus crash that injured 45 others

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BENTON, Ark. (AP) A Memphis, Tenn., public school superintendent says a third grader from one of its charter schools was killed in a bus crash in central Arkansas as the bus carried a youth football team home after a weekend tournament in Texas.

Speaking at a news conference Monday afternoon, Aspire Public Schools superintendent Nickalous Manning did not reveal the boy's name, but said he was "full of life, full of energy."

At least 45 other people were injured when a charter bus plowed off an interstate and tumbled down an embankment near Benton, Arkansas, before dawn Monday.

Manning says the loss of the boy is "going to be hard to heal from."

Bobby White, a spokesman for the Achievement School District in Memphis, said students from five of the district's schools were in the bus that crashed.

A trauma center says 22 of the 26 children admitted to the hospital after the crash have been discharged to their families.

Officials at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock said the four remaining children are all in stable condition and are expected to fully recover from their injuries.

The children admitted to the children's hospital are all between the ages of 9 and 13.

Surgeon in Chief and Trauma Medical Director Dr. Todd Maxson says some suffered brain and skull injuries, while others had broken bones and lacerations.

Maxson says two children underwent emergency operations and are in stable condition.

The wreck happened on Interstate 30 near Benton, which is about 25 miles southwest of Little Rock.