Physicals required for Central Texas marching band members

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Starting Aug. 1 public middle and high school marching band members in Texas are required to pass a physical examination in order to participate, just as athletes have had to do for years.

The pre-participation physicals are required before the first and third years of high school and for seventh and eighth grade middle school students.

“Band members need the same sort of assessment of safety dealing with the demand on their body that we deal with other athletes,” says Dr. Timothy Martindale, a family practice physician in Waco.

Midway High School Band Director Pam Hyatt agrees.

She says her students put just as much work into band as their classmates do in sports.

“In our show this year we will be marching at 180 beats per minute which is three steps every second,” says Hyatt.

“I think it’s very important for our students to be fit or in shape, and at least have doctors’ approval that they are ready for that kind of demand.”

Students at Midway who’ve already taken their physicals say it was easy and makes them feel safe.

“We are outside in the heat running set to set holding visuals and it just takes a lot of effort,” says senior Kathryn Christian.

“It’s important that we get these physicals done.”