New year, new goals: Gym remains top choice for resolutions

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) The beginning of January means new goals and for most Americans that probably means a trip to the gym.

All across The Field House gym in Harker Heights, the weights went up and the treadmill turned.

There was a familiar expectation for New Year’s Day: more people.

“O, it booms, it always does. Which is a great thing, not only for myself, of course, but for those who want to get better. Those who want to achieve those goals of coming more in shape and a better overall person,” trainer Lindon Bond said.

But why the gym?

“It encompasses more than just the physical sense. You get the emotional help from the gym. It helps you release all kinds of stress. I believe that’s why more people gravitate towards the gym,” he added.

The trainers say the gym provides more than just a place to get fit and lift weights.

“It’s an outlet for me, really. You know, people have so many different outlets – either watching TV or doing certain things – but the gym is mine,” Porscha Bustillo said.

If the gym is at the top of your list – where do you start?

“Nutrition plays the major role in creating that body that you want. You can come in here and workout 24/7, 7 days a week but if you have a bad nutrition it’s pretty much like beating a dead horse, you’re not going to get anything out of it,” Marcus Champion said.

“People want to start over, whether it has to be with the gym or their life, their life changes, you know. So, hit the gym. It’s probably one of the best things for you,” Bustillo added.

At The Field House, in either Harker Heights or Temple, you can get a personal trainer or participate in group fitness. Each will help you determine your fitness level and complete your goals.