Nolanville: College students team with city for Endeavor tech initiative

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NOLANVILLE, Texas (KWTX) Citizens kicked off a tech based, urban planning initiative called Endeavor with help from over 100 students from Texas A&M Saturday morning.

An artificially intelligent robotic waved to visitors as they walked by. (Photo by Alex Gibbs)

The event, held at the Mary Marie Multiuse Center on Saturday morning, saw students present big picture ideas about the town's future.

From artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, video surveillance that specializes in identifying weapons and censor technology aimed at warning residents about flooding before it hits, the potential was endless.

Professor Wei Li says the main goal behind the Endeavor initiative is to turn Nolanville into the first smart city in the nation.

"We want to put technology in places where it can serve the people in need very significantly."

Li says autonomous vehicles for the elderly and disabled as well as expanding this technology beyond Nolanville are among other goals for the group as well.

"This is our two-year vision: A smart town in Nolanville and a smart region for the Killeen, Temple metropolitan area."