Sewage floods local family’s new home just before Thanksgiving

NOLANVILLE, Texas (KWTX) A sewer line break caused a smelly mess in a woman's brand new home where she had to host her family for Thanksgiving.

Credit: Danielle Sample

She is now fighting with the city of Nolanville to get the foul situation fixed.

After paying more than $300,000 for the home, Danielle Sample thought her family had found the perfect, worry-free house.

But less than four months after her family of six moved in, a strange noise started coming from the toilet.

She reported the sound to the builder, then days later, water and a stench started pouring in from behind the walls.

A plumber and an emergency worker with the Bell County Water Control and Improvement District were called in.

Sample said it was discovered that the city's pipe was holding half its size in backed up waste, and it had completely disconnected from the line to the house.

She said the family had to pay out of pocket for the plumber and a hotel stay while repairs to the line were made.

Meanwhile, the walls in the master bathroom where the sewage came in need to be replaced, along with the sod in her front yard that was torn up while work was being done.

She has met with the city twice to find out how damages would be paid.

“This is not a situation to where we walked in, and we knew about what was happening beneath the ground,” Sample, who says the blame has been passed back and forth between parties involved, said.

“This is a man-made error- whether it was the WCID, 3 which is the water company, or it was the contractors that actually connected to pipes."

She also said she is worried about her family's health while she tries to get the repairs handled.

She's especially concerned about her 3-year-old who has had reoccurring health issues.

"Now it doesn't even feel like a home. It feels like somewhere where I'm literally on pins and needles and have anxiety almost daily- just to know, what did I breathe in? Will this happen again [because I’m] hearing the same sounds again?" she adds.

The homeowner said the Nolanville Water Department has only taken responsibility for repairing the line and denied further liability.

Sample says she is seeking legal counsel.

Because of the potential for a lawsuit, the Nolanville city attorney declined to comment on the case but mentioned that a final decision has not been made.