Organizations work to bring attention to military children in the month of April

(Photo by Kathleen Serie)

You may see a lot of purple in the month of April especially in Central Texas.

April is the month of the military child and purple is the official color.

The Department of Defense Education Association and other agencies work to bring attention this month to the unique challenges military children face.

Because military children have to frequently move the association works to build an education system that provides consistency for students, and prepares them for college and their careers.

This month also highlights the need for community support as they cope with moving to new places, making new friends, and adjusting.

Many schools will host "purple up" days, when students and staff are encouraged to sport the color.

You'll also see special events and assemblies to recognize them.

In fact Month of the Military Child Bingo is coming up Saturday at 10 am at the Community Events and Bingo Center at Fort Hood.

Doors open at 10 a.m.

It's $5 for each child up to the age of 12 and they'll receive lunch, a goodie bag, and 10 games of bingo.